Our Story


At 21 years of age a young man by the name of Tola decided to visit the West African country Nigeria for the first time to connect with his roots. It was a spectacular experience and a milestone achieved in his life. Tola thoroughly enjoyed life in the Business City Lagos, Nigeria; fresh suya (thinly sliced BBQ Beef skewers) and cold palm juice was his daily ritual. The idea to combine palm juice with a variety of fruit juices was what he deemed as his magical discovery which soon became second nature to his consumption of palm juice.

Upon his return home to the UK, he awoke one morning and was overcome with a strong desire for the drink he had gotten so adapted to during his stay in Nigeria but was not satisfied with the traditional drinks available in the market. Tola spent days searching for the taste he had been missing and craving so much that he was overwhelmed with the necessity to pursue the initiative to create Nari Palm Juice.